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Day N =2...June 30,2003... Chateau Renault to Lavardin to Tour to Chateau Renault...55 km

The Walker n=2

Woke up to lightning- Running around with Bill trying to get the stray bits undercover. A rainy day to walk - now that you have started everything you should have brought/bought before leaving floods your head in cascading realizations. You can't walk in lightning but you can shop. Must buy trevi's after slip-sliding downhill in the mud. Must buy better socks too. First home again on the sly. »We are out of town now, out of range. Last breakfast for real from home - eat the last of Michel's farm eggs to empy the fridge » forgot to do that too. Drive yourself to Tour by car alone. Gray day but the sunflowers still follow the hidden sun. » Locust shoppers stripping the shelves. Leave Auchon in a discount daze. Buy nothing spending time like euros » Never anyone at Decathalon but everyone is here today. Sales and long line - Birforcated shopping experience » buy this or buy that » Buzz of florescent lights and impatient children. » Back at base camp in Chateau Renault to find a mid-afternoon break in the rain » everything spread out on a tarp to organize » to prioritize » everything up for grabs.


Walking Rule n=2
travel by car, sound of rain on the tent

Bill's Pilgramage Site, His comments: Lavardin or Chateau Renault


The Land n=2


Chateau Renault


Tour Nord

Chateau Renault


Gr335 between Lavardin and Chateau Renault


Landscaping Rule n=2

Footfalls on the muddy path - effect semi-transient, Human contact - commerical, Photograph - digital, Think - muddy, Feel - cumulative


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Will the Series Converge?
Aprille Best Glover © 2003

N = 2,

Two, choice, in/out, black/white

Wake up to lighting, bifocating light.

Unzip the tent flap, step out into
        rain panic, throw everything in the shelter in a     downpoar.


The land along the path of the stars