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Day N = 4...July 2, 2003...Nueille to Vouvray...22 km

The Walker n=4

Bill is bored with walking the trail twice, today walking alone alone.He drives me to Nueille by the bakery and the bus stop under a still cloudy sky » 4 block muddle - getting out of town lost in two block found again in two blocks - a bridge and park but rebellious » out of town and of trial - first photos of clover looking for 4-luck - wondering about the diadatic - looks twoish really threeish but Smithson's work real speaks of earth, four » not just thesis - antithiesis- synthesis » it's the voice number that jangles » why else speak in third person? seeking the impersonallity of the god-head is a cheap trick (yet like most cheap tricks very effective) » makes sense when the diadatic functions as an article of faith » maybe that faith is in the possiblity of escaping the great eye/I » the enveloping narcissistic prison of first-person, bended words over a watery mirror » why is third-person so effective no one is one really a generic one of grammar games » where to turn between the whine of contant I and the false authoriarian one is the accusative you » is there another direction a fourth voice? lucky and as rare as clover » blunder into a first intervention » direction as day and number but really not looking out at the compass points but down at leafy change


Walking Rule n = 4
alone, travel by foot and car, sound of mobil ringing


Bill's Pilgramage Site, His comments: Lavardin or Chateau Renault


The Land n = 4

Chateau Renault
Tour Nord

Chateau Renault



Gr335 between Lavardin and Chateau Renault


Landscaping Rule n=4

Footfalls on the path - effect metal fatigue, Human contact - cloudy, Photograph - digital, Think - discontinuous, Feel - solitiare


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Will the Series Converge?
Aprille Best Glover © 2003

N = 4,

Four, four-squared earth.

Wayfaring, physical and mental.

Cardinal point, arrow-eyed forward press

Lost/found » direction as indecision


The land along the path of the stars