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Day N =1...June 29,2003...Lavardin, home to Chateau Renault...25 km

The Walker n= 6

Fossilized shell in the back of Cave "Les Fouquets"

Last night was the Feu de St. Jean. A great bonfire, perhaps of vanities perhaps not...» Up 5 minutes before the alarm » Put on pack impatiently waiting for Bill » knock over a chair turning around in the house » down the hill talking of last night fire » by bread and up the hill with the 7:00 church bells as we climb out of Lavardin » fear: the pack is too heavy, it's too far to go for the first day 25km (about 14 miles) - cool but Radio France Inter says extra hot today - by Prunay feeling better - lunchtime yoga - it this really just half way? - start walking and hit the wall swimming in my sweat » then the Grotto of Magic - Balou Cellier shows us his caves and gives us way too much trouspinette in the cool semi-darkness where old corks are strung over the old table like popcorn around a Christmas tree - it's a nature cave and his kids shows us the fossil scallop shells of St. James in the back of the cave. Everyone comments on how they can see the shells better from the LCD of the Camera than with the flashlight » We are walking through an ancient sea. » it must be a sign on the first day. » Just the bear necessities - the bare necessities of life - a smile and a last picture and off we go again » a little drunk but much cooler » Exhausted had to stop just outside of Chateau Renault beside the Brenne River to recover » arrived at 3:30 at camp » too sore to move or work on any art of any kind » I was going to cut up Dr. Lam's article on active walk theory but I fell asleep in the chair » Bill pours dinner and meds into my groggy body and put me to bed. » that's okay, 1 is the unity before multiplicity -

Lovely shapes in the wispy clouds above the summer wheat


Walking Rule n = 6
start, travel by foot, sound of 7:00 bells tolling in Lavardin as well leave

Bill's Pilgramage Site, His comments: Lavardin or Chateau Renault


The Land n = 6


Chateau Renault

Gr335 between Lavardin and Chateau Renault


Landscaping Rule n = 6

Footfalls on the path - effect semi-transient, Human contact - aggregate, Photograph - digital, Think - discontinuous, Feel - cumulative


Will the Series Converge?
Aprille Best Glover © 2003

N = 1,

One, the monad, is the beginning.

First day, first number.

Holding both itself, singular,
        and every numbered day that springs after.

Zero, the great mysterious egg, is broken.

A slash, a upright finger, a walking staff.

The land along the path of the stars