Convergence is a non-trivial issue for both an artist and a mathematician. It is often the goal when modeling plastically or theoretically. Artists and mathematicians who choose the model with the physical perceivable world, do so at once experimentally and theoretically1. By definition they sail between two disasters. Captions lashed to mast listening to the sirens while piloting a boat with a deliberately deaf crew. What exactly is convergence? When is summation of any series meaningful singularity? When is just a fixed game?

Every perception is essential determinate. Ordering experiences are then essential elemental in character. Is water less watery change as it turns to gas? Do exterior forces modulate the critical points like surface pressure on the boiling point. Is convergence more akin to a moveable feast or a table of atomic elements?

Leaving aside for the moment ontology for the moment. Does this series converge. The decision is yours. Sometimes one plus one equals two, sometimes. Whether you believe, that you have the power to image both possiblities….

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