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Commissioning any original artwork has many advantages. This is particularly true for sculpture. It allows the collector to have work created for any size and for any space. Sculpture can provide a powerful design focal point to individual architectural space. Commissioning also means a similar works can be created in different medium. For instance changing the material from stone to bronze or vise versa. Aprille Best Glover works with many different mediums (plaster, stone, wood, bronze and silver) so the collector can enjoy great flexibility. Because different materials also vary significantly in terms of cost, this allows the collector to select work for any budget. Changing the type of material used can also help incorporate artwork more effectively into the overall architectural or interior design. Finally, commissioning a sculpture means the opportunity to work actively with the artist to help realize your vision for your space.

Aprille Best Glover's policy for commissions is designed to help facilitate your vision becoming a reality.

Steps To Commission A Sculpture,

1. Email the artist.. Tell me your ideas for your sculpture. Please include any details you consider important, such as what general size or material you are considering for the finished sculpture, and/or a particular work from the website that you particularly enjoyed.

2. The artist will contact the collector directly (usually by phone or email) to discuss the project in more depth. The artist will come up with a written description for the project.

3. After consulting with the client, the artist will create an original design for the commission. It will include a written description, a cost estimate, a time table for completion as well as drawings to clarify the design. It may also include a small scale model for large outdoor or architectural projects. There is a 100 US Dollar Design Fee. This fee is put directly towards the cost of the finished sculpture.

4. After the any design change and client approval, the client pays an initial deposit. Usually this is 50% of the final cost, but for larger projects the deposit is one third the final fee. Work commences.

5. When the work is finished, photographs of the finished work are sent to the client or a client comes directly to the studio for approval. After approval, the client pays the remainder of the commission fee and the work is shipped. If it is a large scale project, the second third is mailed with the final third made payable at the installation.

To Commissioning A Sculpture

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