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Equilibrium, 2000,Plaster Wood and Stone, Musée Renoir, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

A site specific installation for the Renoir Biannual 2000, an outdoor show which runs through the period of the 2000 autumn equinox. The work is aligned so that the shadows of the paired forms touch and withdraw and symbolically mark the equinox,.

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 Elements, earth + air + fire + water, 1999, mixed media, Daytona Art Center.

A set of four related site specific installations. Each installation considers one of the four basic elements.

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How Many Angels Fit on A Pin?, 1997, Wax, Polymar Clay, Wood, and Sand, Jacksonville Museum of Art.






Time /No Time

1 circle
9 squares
9 triangles
7 pentagons
 Time/No Time was site-specific sculpture designed like a gigantic medieval mason's mark of 100 feet in diameter. The rock formations and interior fountain marked the imaginary overlapping inside 1 circle of 9 squares, 9 triangles, and 7 pentagons. It simultaneously represented a specific time, 1997, and underscored the timeless quality of the vast desert beyond the simple stone circle. Part of the Largest Outdoor Installation Art Event in the USA, Burning Man, it was seen by some 15,000 people during the three day festival. Outside of the normal gallery setting and without any written description, people of all walks of life instinctively sensed a space for meant for personal reflection. Particularly at dawn and dusk, it drew individuals for group and spontaneous meditation. Its prayer trees, which were ritually burned at the end of the festival, filled naturally with personal messages and prayers with only the silent presence of pen and paper in the carved stone. It utilized the same sacred geometric principles that were used to design the Pyramids and Stonehenge, but was a temporary installation. Time/No Time was built to last less than a week before it vanished leaving only the pristine Nevada desert landscape.

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