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Dear Angel, One World Commission, 2000. Bronze.

This 8 1/2 ft. bronze, like many of Aprille Best Glover's sculptures, had poetry hidden inside. See Poem Below. In addition, over hundreds children and adults from the city of Roswell contributed their hopes and wishes for the future. Each person was given a leaf collected from the site and asked only to be positive. The epitaphes, funny and wise were all collected, documented and placed inside the sculpture where they form a invisable link between the commuity and the sculpture. A original handmade artist book documenting the whole project is on permenent display at the Roswell Visual Arts Center.

To look at some of the prayer leaves inside Dear Angel

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This commission is made possible by a $25,000 Emerging Artist Grant from the One World Foundation. It curently installed publicly in Roswell ,Georgia outside of the Roswell Visual Arts Center.


Poem inside Angel

Memory and Desire, they twist and dive over the glassy slow waves like birds for fish.
Their white bellies milky green, reflecting the jade sea below.

You could walk barefoot a million miles in late summer nostalgia,
     bending to pick up the shells of life, some small and perfect,
     some broken fragments that glint in the sunlight like fire.
Why is it you only notice the steady curl of growth when the shell walls shatter ?
Why do the windows this makes always seem shaped like mirror shards?

You could walk through the endless ages, time unfolding like origami or a lover's hand.
Like the steady surf breath roar.

You, the birds, and a few fellow tourist-
All heads down, clutching at your treasures; bits of coral, mother of pearl, the        occasional slippery fish.

How long will we each in turn walk at the edge of the jade sea before we each in turn realize
The ocean will
                           cast up regret.


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