Aprille Best GLOVER_____Living and Working in A Cave

  Yes Virginia, People still live in caves. Originally either natural caves or open shaft stone quarries to mine stone for the great churches and chateaux of the Loire Valley. Caves gradually became storehouses for wine, livestock, mushrooms and in the driest caves homes for people. Small villages of caves were easy to defend against attack. In the small village of Lavardin, France people have lived or worked in caves continuously since pre-history. This small town of just two hundred has both the ruin of a medieval fortress dating back to the Merovingian Dynasty and three thousand year old druid caves. Not to mention a gothic bridge and a Roman fort. Now caves may have electricity, city water and sewage not to mention cable TV, but no two are the same. The life of a modern troglodyte is an adventure where nothing is quite the same as your standard modern construction.
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