Equilibrium 2000

Word List for Figures

Like much of Aprille Best Glover's other work, words are visual and conceptual elements in the overall design. The figure with French words turns itself towards the south and west. The figure with English words turns itself toward the north and east. They dance with each other in stillness and speak to each other in the silence of sculptural forms. The words they hold were chosen for visual interest as well as to evoke both personal and general notions of dualism and unity.

Mots / Words
lune / sun
nuit / day
gauche / right
plâtre / plaster
bois / wood
pierre / stone
passion / passion
hasard / fortune
ami / adversary
                   beaux-arts / art                                  volupté / abstraction            
sud / north
équinox / equinox
ca va? / okay
ascétique / bawdy
onde / particle
automne / spring
ligne / spiral
anticorps / antibodies
mer / sea
vulnérable / vulnerable
rose / mint
début / end
futur / past
grotte / tower
dionysos / apollo
aube / twilight
espoir / hope

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