Aprille Best GLOVER_______________________________Stone Sculpture


Wave ii, 1998. Alabaster, Size 10 in. by 10 in. by 15 in. Unique Original..Private Collection.

Part of series of stone waves. The Alabaster's subtle veining of the stone evokes the sea on a clear day . To See More Waves in Series, To Commission a Similar Work.


Fountain, 1998. Lava Rock and White Marble, Size 35 in. by 55 in. by 21 in. Unique Original..Private Collection.

This fountain has a self-contained bowl that would allow for placement in a interior setting as well as in a garden. Fountains are a soothing harmonious addition to any location. I use sacred geometry to help integrate fountains and other garden sculpture directly into the site. To Commission a similar work.


Untitled, 1994, Alabaster, Unique Original. Private Collection.

I remain a free carver. Ultimately each stone has an identity that a sculptor can influence but can't force. Stone has soul. For a daring collector no experience can be as exciting as sharing the process of unearthing a raw rock's hidden identity. To commission a free carved alabaster.


Prometheus Bound, Marble, Unique Original.Private Collection.

To carve stone is both the most sensuous and primal of art forms. Perhaps because it reaches us at the intersections of our senses where vision and touch are undifferentiated. Like that first moment when our hand reaches out to touch the light filtering into our mother's womb. To commission a free carved marble.

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